About Pharmafast

Many patients die everyday in Africa as a result of non-availability or non accessibility of a particular drug.

Pharmafast develops solution to overcome this menace by bringing various drugs available at various world reknowned Pharmacists' stores to your doorstep.

To make it easy for you, you can make an order for drug through Whatsapp by supplying details shown to you in the WhatsApp Chat page.

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    Are you in search of a particular drug? Pharmafast is your one-stop centre to get access to various Pharmacists.

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    Get opportunity to supply drugs to customers all over your country and seldom from outside your country.

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    Take your career to the next level as a cyclist/driver. Work with us as a dispatcher of our product to clients.

Our Services

To Clients

Let us run your errand to get your prescribed drugs to you. The drugs you searched every nook and corner is just a click away.

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Client Portal Order via WhatsApp

To Pharmacists

We serve as supply spot for drugs available in your store all over the country to meet the deman of your clients on time especially during health emergencies.

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Pharmacist Portal

To dispatchers

You now have the opportunity to work as a dispatch rider to distribute drugs taken from our accredited Pharmacists to our clients.

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Dispatcher Portal


Pharmafast is the platform that save many lives that could have been lost due to non accessibility of existing drugs that could have saved their lives

Moses KATAMANI – CEO, Kambel Group

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